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We accept orders for queen bees throughout all year. Orders are carried out on a first-come-first-served basis. Pre-order is not necessary, but is recommended as our capacity are limited. Queen bees are available from March (depending on weather conditions) until early Octomber. Because breeding depends of weather conditions it may happen that queen bees won’t be delivered in promised week.

Prices do not include shipping costs. The queens are placed in queen cages with 5-7 attendants bees and sent by courier EMS exclusively on Mondays to ensure same-week delivery. Delivery time frame within Europe is up to 5 days. Minimum order quantity for shipment is 10 Carnica queens.

On order provided health certificates.

When we submit the shipment at post office we fulfill all obligations to the buyer and we are not responsible for problems wuch may hapen occur during delivery. We don’t take any responsibility for the dead of queen bees during shipment as well as for not successful integration of the new queen bee into your bees family.

Payment is expected on the basis of pro-forma invoice until the date written on the pro-forma invoice. If payment is not on time, the buyer will be skipped in the order waiting line. If buyer withdrawel from the purchase we do not return the prepayment.


For each nuc – bee colony , please bring your own nuc box or hive (no frames) or we can also place your nuc into a returnable nuc box with a 17 € deposit. We’ll generally install nucs and bee colonies into your boxes at our apiary, let them settle down for several minutes, at which time you can drive them home. Alternatively, give us your strapped hives in advance. We will install the bees and call you to arrange pick up.

For evening pick ups, be sure to arrive before 6:00 pm–after that cuts into Family Time.


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