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Project Description

Carnica Queen Cells

You can save money by mating out your own queens, using our premium-quality Carniolan queen cells. Carniolan honey bees are about the same size as the Italian honey bee, but they are physically distinguished by their generally dusky brown-grey color that is relieved by stripes of a subdued lighter brown color. Their chitin is dark, but it is possible to find lighter colored or brown colored rings and dots on their bodies. They are also known as the “grey bee”.

We generally have queen cells on hand from mid March through mid Octomber. Split your colonies yourself before they swarm!!!

Carnica Queen Characteristics:

  • Considered to be gentle and non-aggressive
  • Can be kept in populated areas
  • Sense of orientation considered better than the Italian honey bee
  • Less drifting of bees from one hive to a neighboring hive
  • When compared to the Italian honey bee, they are not as prone to rob honey
  • Able to overwinter in smaller numbers of winter bees
  • Honey stores are conserved
  • Able to quickly adapt to changes in the environment
  • Better for areas with long winters
  • Fast rhythm of brood production and then brood rearing reduction when available forage decreases
  • Low use of propolis
  • Resistant to brood diseases
  • For areas with strong spring nectar flow and early pollination
  • Forage earlier in the morning and later in the evening, and on cool, wet days
  • Workers live up to 12% longer than other breeds

1-10 Queen Cell

5,00 per Cell
  • Delivery: 15 March to the end of Octomber

10 + Queen Cell

4,00per Cell
  • Delivery: 15 March to the end of Octomber

Hobbyist within 2 Km

Few cells free of chargeHelping us to control the drone population with which our queens will mate
  • Delivery: 15 March to the end of Octomber

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